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Working in periods of approximately 21 days, so-called sprints, comes from the Scrum methodology. Scrum, aka as teamwork in rugby, is a flexible way of making (software) products.

By working in time periods, so-called sprints, the action plan is developed and tested per phase. This avoids unnecessary loss of time, your investment remains surveyable and you remain focused on the original request.

Advantages of Scrum

Due to the short lines and by changing gears quickly, your IT request is carried out efficiently and effectively. We align the process with you every 21 days. We regularly discuss the steps to take according to the action plan. This way you pull the strings!

Flexible process

Per time period, per sprint, you and the ITouchables project manager assess the result of each partial solution. We begin the inventory with sprint 0, the next step is sprint 1.

“You decide to continue the IT trajectory with a new sprint of 21 days.

This way, you keep control of the process and your investment.”

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